2011年4月27日 星期三

蘋果官方回答定位問題:bug (將以鎖碼壓縮和刪除來解決)

1. reduces the size of the crowd-sourced Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower database cached on the iPhone 將儲存於iPhone內的雲端(crowd-sourced人群端)WiFI熱點、手機基地台數據(cell towers),和cache數據加以壓縮(鎖碼encrypted)-----目前在iPhone上看到的定位資料,不是iPhone的位置,而是在iPhone附近的WiFi熱點和手機基地台數據!
2. ceases backing up this cache 不再備份定位cache
3. deletes this cache entirely when Location Services is turned off 關掉定位服務時刪除cache


全文請見蘋果官方網站:Apple Q&A on Location Data
"Apple would like to respond to the questions we have recently received about the gathering and use of location information by our devices.
1. Why is Apple tracking the location of my iPhone? 
Apple is not tracking the location of your iPhone. Apple has never done so and has no plans to ever do so.蘋果沒有追蹤妳的手機的位置,過去不會,將來也不會。
2. Then why is everyone so concerned about this? 
Providing mobile users with fast and accurate location information while preserving their security and privacy has raised some very complex technical issues which are hard to communicate in a soundbite. Users are confused, partly because the creators of this new technology (including Apple) have not provided enough education about these issues to date. 提供行動裝置用戶,有快速和正確的定位服務,但同時又要有安全和隱私性,是很複雜的技術問題,難以幾句簡單語言溝通。用戶感到困惑,部分是因為這種新技術的創造者(包括蘋果)沒有提供足夠且即期的大眾教育。
3. Why is my iPhone logging my location? 
The iPhone is not logging your location. Rather, it's maintaining a database of Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers around your current location, some of which may be located more than one hundred miles away from your iPhone, to help your iPhone rapidly and accurately calculate its location when requested. Calculating a phone's location using just GPS satellite data can take up to several minutes. iPhone can reduce this time to just a few seconds by using Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower data to quickly find GPS satellites, and even triangulate its location using just Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower data when GPS is not available (such as indoors or in basements). These calculations are performed live on the iPhone using a crowd-sourced database of Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower data that is generated by tens of millions of iPhones sending the geo-tagged locations of nearby Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers in an anonymous and encrypted form to Apple. iPhone並不追蹤手機或使用者的位置,而是手機所在位置的Wi-Fi和手機基地台位置,這些基地台可能和手機距離上百英哩遠。蘋果記錄這些位置,是因為當你需要時,可快速且正確的完成定位。如果只使用GPS 衛星資料,可能要花好幾分鐘才能定位。有這些資料時,幾秒鐘就可定位!且若沒有GPS可用時,如在地下室,也可以利用這些基地台資料來定位。iPhone 會將這些資料以匿名及加密的形式隨時傳送給蘋果,數千萬iPhone的資料會集合成一個大型的地理資料庫,將來可提供給每部 iPhone 快速進行定位。
4. Is this crowd-sourced database stored on the iPhone? 
The entire crowd-sourced database is too big to store on an iPhone, so we download an appropriate subset (cache) onto each iPhone. This cache is protected but not encrypted, and is backed up in iTunes whenever you back up your iPhone. The backup is encrypted or not, depending on the user settings in iTunes. The location data that researchers are seeing on the iPhone is not the past or present location of the iPhone, but rather the locations of Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers surrounding the iPhone’s location, which can be more than one hundred miles away from the iPhone. We plan to cease backing up this cache in a software update coming soon (see Software Update section below). 這些資料庫太大了,無法存在iPhone內。iPhone只下載重要一小部分的cache。這些cache是被保護的,但沒加密,且會拷貝至iTunes。但拷貝在iTunes的部份是可加密的,如果你設定加密的話。你們先前在某些軟體和影片上看到的就是基地台的位置。下一版的軟體升級時,將不再把cache拷貝。
5. Can Apple locate me based on my geo-tagged Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower data? 
No. This data is sent to Apple in an anonymous and encrypted form. Apple cannot identify the source of this data. 蘋果收集的資料不能定位資料的來源,因為這些資料是以匿名及加密的形式傳送給蘋果的。
6. People have identified up to a year's worth of location data being stored on the iPhone. Why does my iPhone need so much data in order to assist it in finding my location today? 
This data is not the iPhone's location data—it is a subset (cache) of the crowd-sourced Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower database which is downloaded from Apple into the iPhone to assist the iPhone in rapidly and accurately calculating location. The reason the iPhone stores so much data is a bug we uncovered and plan to fix shortly (see Software Update section below). We don't think the iPhone needs to store more than seven days of this data. 這資料不是定位資料,是一小部分的手機所在位置的Wi-Fi和手機基地台位置資料,是為了快速地定位為目的。目前iPhone存的資料較大較久,這是個軟體錯誤bug,蘋果將在未來軟體升級時糾正。蘋果認為iPhone沒有必要存超過一星期的cache資料。
7. When I turn off Location Services, why does my iPhone sometimes continue updating its Wi-Fi and cell tower data from Apple’s crowd-sourced database?  
It shouldn't. This is a bug, which we plan to fix shortly (see Software Update section below). 蘋果認為目前關掉定位服務時仍繼續儲存cache資料是軟體上的錯誤。下版將修改。
8. What other location data is Apple collecting from the iPhone besides crowd-sourced Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower data? 
Apple is now collecting anonymous traffic data to build a crowd-sourced traffic database with the goal of providing iPhone users an improved traffic service in the next couple of years. 蘋果收集大量的手機位置的Wi-Fi和手機基地台位置資料其目的是為了在未來幾年可提供iPhone用戶更正確的交通地理服務!
9. Does Apple currently provide any data collected from iPhones to third parties?  
We provide anonymous crash logs from users that have opted in to third-party developers to help them debug their apps. Our iAds advertising system can use location as a factor in targeting ads. Location is not shared with any third party or ad unless the user explicitly approves giving the current location to the current ad (for example, to request the ad locate the Target store nearest them).
10. Does Apple believe that personal information security and privacy are important? 
Yes, we strongly do. For example, iPhone was the first to ask users to give their permission for each and every app that wanted to use location. Apple will continue to be one of the leaders in strengthening personal information security and privacy.

Software Update 
Sometime in the next few weeks Apple will release a free iOS software update that:
1. reduces the size of the crowd-sourced Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower database cached on the iPhone,
2. ceases backing up this cache, and
3. deletes this cache entirely when Location Services is turned off.
4. In the next major iOS software release the cache will also be encrypted on the iPhone."

iPad 2五月6日中國上市

iPad 2 日本:四月28日
iPad 2 香港、新加坡、馬來西亞、南韓:四月29日
iPad 2 中國:五月6日

iPad 2 台灣:五月6日?



中國百度Baidu表示根據TechWeb,在中國的Google Android手機有80%搜尋引擎均使用Baidu而非Google!
此事有趣在於Goolge強調Android的自由,所以不用Google的搜尋引擎也算是順理成章的事!據說Facebook phone或是Amazon平板都打算如此利用Google!


老人今年2月14日介紹由前摩根史丹利著名的分析師Mary Meeker的演講,來導入SoLoMo的慨念,有引起大迴響,老人與蘋果有個回應 (見SoLoMo)。
SoLoMo Social-Local-Mobile (慨念來自John Doerr),意乃即時網路社交服務,導入行動定位服務,加強行動運算服務。近一步帶來廣告商機和行動商務 !行動商務改變購物行為。未來潛力大。 行動商務的特點:即時即地價格比較(價格透明,即時比較,)、即時行動商務服務、即時折扣、數位內容即時送達、等。


1. 你要不要讓你的裝置定位?
2. 提供定位的裝置公司,有沒有把你手頭上的資料上傳到該公司內部去做其他商業用途?

蘋果已說明公司沒追蹤你的行跡,但Google有,會把資料上傳至Google,不過它兩都無罪,因為這是必須的。只是奇怪的是大家只敢告蘋果,不敢告Android手機!Android手機大家都知道有追蹤你的行跡(見Your Android Phone is Tracking You.等),但都沒上大報!如韓國就不敢查三星的Android手機,老北市也不敢要HTC出來說明!.....你說弔詭不弔詭?大家心知即可....又是一個LocationGate?Antennagate天線門


PS:微軟的Window Phone也一樣定位你!看來這下子全世界都不要"智慧"才可保隱私?同樣的事蘋果總是先挨罵!你說奇怪不奇怪?